Social Media Integration

Connect your community to your Social Media accounts such as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Crime Tips

Citizens can submit photographs, voice notes, and crime tips easily, right from their mobile device.

Most Wanted

Provide your community with a list of your agency’s Most Wanted suspects.

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Share Our App Feature

Users can share links to download your mobile app with their friends via Email, SMS, FaceBook, or Twitter.

Contact Info

Give your citizens the info they need quickly:  One-Click to Call and GPS Directions to all of your District stations.

Crime Maps

Up-to-date crime maps of activity occurring in your community.

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Reliable Hosting, Secure Data Storage and Backups

Our servers are hosted in the cloud using the latest in data hosting technology.  You can expect 99.9% uptime for your police mobile app.  Our data centers use the latest in data encryption technology, and data backups are performed daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure your data is never lost while using mobile apps.

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Instantly Update Your App Online

Update your police mobile app content or appearance whenever you would like using our powerful Content Management System.  Modify everything inside your app without having to send your app for a lengthy update with Apple or Google, and with no additional cost to you.  Changes to your app are live, the moment you save them.

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Keep Your Community Informed with Instant Push Notifications

Communicate with your citizens to keep them informed of emergencies, upcoming events, or other important information using our Push Technology.  Send instant messages to all, or select a geographical area, or choose a future date/time to schedule the message.  With each notification you send, you can choose to link it to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts.

Crime Maps

Give your citizens mobile access with interactive, up-to-date crime maps of activity occurring in their community.

Submit Photos

Your mobile app users can send a photo directly to you with one click.  Great for graffiti reporting, crime tips, etc.

Contact Info

Complete listing of departmental staff, individual units, and more, with one-click calling and email from the user’s mobile phone.

Dept. Videos

Share you department’s videos through our YouTube integration, or link to your current video channel.

Most Wanted

Provide your community with a list of your Most Wanted suspects, they may provide tips on their location.

Share Our App

Users can easily share your police mobile app download link with their friends via Email, SMS, FaceBook, or Twitter .


Keep your citizens informed by sending SMS-style notifications of important events.  Send to all, or limit area that receives alerts.


Keep the public informed of upcoming job opportunities and recruitment information.

Voice Note

Mobile app users can record a voice note or surrounding sound and send directly to your agency.

Call Us/GPS

Give your citizens the info they need quickly:  One-Click to Call and GPS Directions to all of your District stations.

Image Gallery

Share department photos and info with our iPhone-style scrolling gallery or in thumbnail view with descriptions.

Crime Tips

Allow citizens to report a crime, anonymously if they choose, via an Online Form or using a text message service such as TipSoft.


Get positive feedback from citizens when they want to commend an officer or other police employees.

Social Media

Connect your community to your FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media accounts from within your mobile app.

PIO Feed (RSS)

Mobile app users can view your department’s Public Information Office feed from within the app, updated automatically.

Districts Map

Pin-cushion locations for citizens to see where the closest station is, each with “More Info” (Lobby Hours, etc) and GPS Directions.

Many more features, such as:

  • Public Records Requests
  • Crime Prevention Information
  • Alarm Permits
  • Stolen Vehicle Search by Plate or VIN

  • Sex Offender Notifications
  • Arrests/Convictions
  • Neighborhood Watch Information
  • Donations to PD

  • PD Events Calendar
  • Amber Alert Information
  • City Ordinances
  • Bike Registration
  • Volunteer Information

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